Dutch people signed our initiative to illegalise prostitution

In the Netherlands prostitution is legal.

Our government puts in a lot of effort, time and manpower to maintain prostitution and normalize it. 

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—— International research——

Physical abuse                    70%
Rape                              60%
PTSD                              68%
Drugs or alcohol             39 – 60%

——- Dutch research ——–

Physical abuse                    60%
Sexual violence                   78%
Economical abuse                  58%
Social-economical abuse           93%

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TOTAL COST                   30.000
             people in prostitution

13:31 10/04/19

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Candymachine B.V.

Aforementioned costs have
been paid by: Nienke

People in prostitution pay the bill of this policy.

We can better invest in the heart of the matter: buying sex should be punishable.

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TOTAL COST                   30.000
             people in prostitution

13:31 10/04/19

Thanks for your payment to
Candymachine B.V.

Aforementioned costs have
been paid by: Nienke

50.000 Dutch want new prostitution policy in the Netherlands: 

1. Buying sex is illegal

2. Third parties that make profit of prostitution are punishable.

3. People in prostitution aren’t punishable and get all opportunities and help to get out.

Does such a new policy work?

This approach to prostitution and human trafficing has been in act and proven effective in countries such as:




Will you contribute to a safer and healthier policy for people working in prostitution in the Netherlands?

Few sex buyers (- 80%)

Smaller market for prostitution

Fewer people who end up in prostitution

Less human trafficking

Less street prostitution

In Sweden and Norway, after implementing new legislation:

Fewer internet ads for prostitution were placed*

No increase of violence against people in prostitution**

No evidence that prostitution has been moved to a so called ‘hidden market’**

* = Ads are necessary to find customers
** = Research doesn’t provide any evidence for this

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Image: @DaisyRanoe

Vulnerable background

People in prostitution often come from vulnerable backgrounds.

  • 74% have started working in prostitution while being under the age of 18 years old
  • 63% have experienced sexual abuse in their youth
  • most of them end up in prostitution because they were in immediate need of money

Selena, a previous board member of PROUD (an interest group for sex workers) said: ‘I think I need intensive care assistance, also because of my past of abuse. I have started behind the webcam when I was still a child. On internet chatrooms I met with men. They asked me to send nude pictures. I didn’t really mind because it made them happy. And that was a good thing right? I liked the attention. Later during my puberty I made internet pornography and made sex in front of a webcam. When I became an adult I thought: why not ask money for this? I do think my childhood has fostered the path to prostitution?’

Image: @DaisyRanoe


In Dutch prostitution, mostly white, privileged men use their money to buy the consent of underprivileged women who often come from countries with weaker economies. Prostitution is an extreme form of inequality.

The vast majority of people who sell sex are:

  • women
  • from a minority group
  • under 26 years old

The vast majority of people who buy sex are:

  • men
  • from all layers of society


Image: @DaisyRanoe


People in prostitution deal with a lot of (threat of) violence.

  • 70% are victims of physical abuse during their time in prostitution
  • 60% are raped during their time in prostitution
  • 89% of people in prostitution indicate they would like to quit

Anneke, client at the Salvation Army: A tall, handsome boy gives Anneke attention and coke. Anneke feels good. Maybe this works. Until she is hooked and the tall handsome boy becomes violent. “He let me work on Turkish guest houses, a whole group of men each evening. And there were a lot. A whole lot. For ten or fifteen guilders (Dutch currency before the millennium, ~ 5 or 7 euros). I felt so dirty, worthless, a whore.’ Anneke tried to commit suicide.

Image: @DaisyRanoe

Failing policies

In the current Dutch policy about prostitution, buying sex is legal. The purpose of this legislation was for human trafficking to decline, but in reality the number of victims of human trafficking has increased . Human trafficking is difficult to fight and becoming more of an importunity.

A Europol report describes the Netherlands as ‘an important market for human traffickers’, because ‘the demand for cheap sexual service is very high .

Human traffic is actually very difficult to fight against and the nuisance is increasing.

‘Time to turn off the red lights. Change the brothels back to residences. Give back ‘de Wallen’ to Amsterdam. Give the heart back to the city.’

– Diederik Boomsma

Watch the statement of Exxpose:

Image: @DaisyRanoe


Prostitution is very bad for your health.

  • 39 to 60% of people in prostitution use drugs or alcohol to escape the reality of the sex industry
  • Often rape from the sex buyer is the cause of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV

‘I don’t know if I used drugs to be able to work, or worked to be able to buy drugs. I think I could have never done all of it sober.’
– Vanessa